When palm oil fails to satisfy your hair needs… Give Nanoil Castor Oil a try!

Once forgotten, the thick castor oil is now gaining in popularity again. It appears that it’s able to regenerate all hair types, improve its condition, reinforce, combat hair loss and accelerate hair growth.

When palm oil leaves your hair frizzy, this means that you have to look for an oil offering you better fatty acid ratio. “So what oil should I use?” you would ask. Go for one of the finest beauty oils – like Nanoil Castor Oil. Let’s explain you why should you apply this oil and what is hidden in the highest quality beauty oil that even our grandmothers used.

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Oily phenomenon. Chemical constituents of castor oil

Over 90% of castor oil is occupied by organic fatty acid, commonly known as ricinoleic acid – it can’t be found in any other natural oil. Such a composition determines the highest effectiveness of the oil, proves its uniqueness and high quality that was obtained through the cold-pressed process of castor beans.

Despite offering a slightly lesser concentration of omega acids, castor oil contains minerals and vitamins such as A and E. What’s interesting and important to mention, castor oil happens to be similar to human keratin. And this is yet another quality ensuring that the effects created by castor oil are positive and desired.

Why castor oil may turn out to be better than palm oil?

Since castor oil serves all hair types equally well, you can be sure that once used regularly, this natural substance will help you boost the appearance of the strands. No matter if you have greasy scalp and dry hair ends, if your hair is normal, or of you noticed that it has been losing its shine recently – castor oil will deal with all these ailments faster than you think.

Moreover, pure castor oil is one of few oils that penetrates hair incredibly fast, shields it, prevents excessive loss, reinforces hair structure and helps hair bulbs get better rooted in the follicles. It may turn out to be troublesome to remove castor oil from hair, however, if you emulsify the oil, you should be able to wash it down easily. How to do it? Apply a conditioner and then rinse and follow with a shampoo.

The good news is that organic castor oil doesn’t overburden hair, even if the hair is thin, thick or low porous. Whereas using palm oil might be risky as it doesn’t suit all hair types, you will always succeed in providing the right care to hair with castor oil.

With the aid of castor oil you can beautify more than just hair. For example, you can use the oil to regenerate extremely damaged nails, get rid of acne, make your skin perfectly clean, and remove make-up.

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Which castor oil to choose?

The higher the quality of the oil, the better effects it produces. Therefore, invest in the most effective castor oil and look for the castor beans which are certified (e.g. Ecocert). Castor oil launched by Nanoil lives up to the strict criteria of a natural oil and offers you the finest quality. This is a cold-pressed and unrefined oil that isn’t contaminated with any additives, silicones or parabens. Go for the best quality that bears fruit in the form of tremendous effects – choose Nanoil Castor Oil.

Nanoil Castor Oil: The benefits

  • Is antibacterial therefore it disinfects skin.
  • Accelerates growth of hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Leaves skin perfectly clean.
  • Protects and maintains hydration.
  • Smooths out, softens and enhances hair shine.
  • Protects skin against damage.
  • Regenerates and reinforces nails.
  • Ensures complete makeup removal.

Nanoil Castor Oil: Use & Incredible Possibilities


Use it in hair oil treatment in order to stimulate hair growth and prevent its thinning. Castor oil also provides hair with the adequate level of hydration, improves bounciness, enhances the natural color and gloss.


The effects that Nanoil Castor Oil delivers to eyebrows and eyelashes are comparable to the effects delivered to hair. This means that castor oil accelerates their growth, intensifies their color, improves condition and shine. This natural oil is an effective alternative to commercial eyelash and eyebrow conditioners.


Put your fingers into warm castor oil to rebuild nail plate, provide reinforcement and prevent splitting. Also, Castor Oil is perfectly suitable to improve the state of hand skin.


Antibacterial, disinfecting… this is the best natural oil to clean face with. With castor oil you can wipe off color cosmetics and dirt that accumulated on skin surface. This quality of castor oil has been discovered pretty recently. Oil Cleansing Method used to cleanse skin is recognized as one of the best home beauty treatments that you can expose your face to. Finally, the similarity to human keratin makes Castor Oil a perfect tool to fight back wrinkles.

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Nanoil Castor Oil: Where to buy?

Enter the official Nanoil website to order genuine castor oil and learn more about the finest castor oil of all.

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