How much do you know about palm oil? Check the best hair oils!

Sadly, it is quite notorious. Why? Palm oil is said to be unhealthy as a food product. Does the oil work better in hair care? Learn about its interesting uses and properties.

Also, find out about hair oils that are good value for money!

Palm oil is a solid vegetable oil in the form of a soft, rich butter. It has a delicate scent. In terms of consistency, it is similar to coconut oil. How are they different? The colour of palm oil is more intense, orange and brown. Moreover, palm oil has completely different nutrients.

Palm Oil – properties

Where does it come from? Natural palm oil is extracted from the seeds or flesh of African oil palm found e.g. in Madagascar and Kongo. The seeds contain even up to 70% of fat and a lot of protein. They are used for extracting a valuable cosmetic product – palm oil offering interesting uses and qualities.

Palm oil delivers skin and hair benefits:

  • moisturises and nourishes very well,
  • brings elasticity and softness,
  • enhances the regeneration of cells,
  • has anti-bacterial properties,
  • soothes and eliminates inflammation,
  • stops ageing processes.

Palm oil – nutrients

Palm oil owes its valuable properties to the rich composition. The unrefined palm oil is the richest and most effective in hair care. It includes a lot of vitamin E, vitamin A (retinol) and beta carotene. The product also contains coenzyme Q10 and valuable fatty acids that are essential in hair care. Palm oil is composed of unsaturated fatty acids (50%) and saturated acids (50%). Therefore, it is suitable for hair that has non-porous or quite weak structure. These hair types are known as low and medium porosity hair.


Palm oil is not the only oil that can be used in hair care routine. If it is not your favourite, you are not forced to base your hair care on palm oil. Cosmetic industry makes use of hundreds of natural oils that have amazing qualities. A suitable combination of these oils guarantees success. Learn more about the needs of your hair (e.g. connected with porosity) and reach for the best.

Here is the list of the highest-rated and most effective hair oils.

NANOIL HAIR OILfor every hair type, low, medium or high porosity and different structure

The product is adored by women and recommended by hairstylists because it provides your hair with full, intensive and very precise care. It is composed of the best natural oils that have been mixed to easily match hair structure and penetrate inside more quickly. The oils are enriched with extra vitamins and enhancing substances e.g. anti-hair loss and for hair growth. Nanoil Hair Oil is a very light product. Feel free to use it even if your hair is thin because the oil neither weighs hair down nor makes it greasy. Not only does it look fancy and impressive but also is the best friend of women who dislike using random hair care products. Although it does not contain palm oil, it offers other valuable oils that successfully replace it.

Available in three versions:

  • Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair
  • Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair
  • Nanoil For High Porosity Hair

What effects will you enjoy? It works on the hair surface as well as inside the hair and scalp. Nanoil Hair Oil delivers instant hydration, nutrients and protection from harmful factors. It locks in water, inhibits hair loss, noticeably speeds up hair growth. Thanks to Nanoil, your hair is repaired, strong and elastic. The product lets you enjoy a make-over: increases shine, smooths and intensifies the colour. Hair is manageable, easy to heat style and dries quickly.


REDKEN DIAMOND OILshine-boosting, oil treatment for normal, damaged and coarse hair

It is very popular among women. An elegant bottle is probably its biggest asset. The inside is not so impressive yet it contains natural oils in the form of Shine Strong Complex. It is designed for medium-length, thick and problematic hair. Redken has a long traditional so Redken Diamond Oil enjoys great popularity among women worldwide. It is a pity that both versions are intended for the same hair type. Sadly, it will not work for every woman.

Available in two versions:

  • Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine,
  • Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense.

What effects will you enjoy? Redken Oil – regardless of the version – is aimed at hair repair and strengthening. It nourishes, rebuilds and keeps hair properly moisturised. It is also an effective shine-boosting oil that smooths your hair.


KERASTASE ELIXIR ULTIMEnourishing elixir, universal and conditioning oil for all hair types

Kerastase hair oil is very popular among women who like luxurious and expensive products, even if they do not get the maximum effectiveness for a high price. Apart from the universal Elixir Ultime, there are also versions recommended for different hair types. All the products are based on Oleo-Complexe – the combination of natural oils. Although there are not many oils included, they enrich the elegant Kerastase Elixir with some interesting properties.

Available in five versions:

  • Elixir Ultime Versatile Beautifying Oil,
  • Elixir Ultime Volume Beautifying Oil,
  • Elixir Ultime Radiance Beautifying Oil,
  • Elixir Ultime Delicately Beautifying Oil,
  • Elixir Ultime Replenishing Beautifying Oil.

What effects will you enjoy? In spite of several propositions, Kerastase Ultime hair oils do not solve every hair problem. They are very good nourishing and moisturising oils that add gloss, softness and facilitate combing.